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How to Grow and Care for Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf philodendron care tips

Heartleaf philodendrons are attractive plants that are found in offices and homes across the United States. Along with adding aesthetic appeal to the indoor environment, these houseplants are easy to grow and care for. In this...

Tips to Grow and Care for a Coral Cactus Plant

Tips to grow and care for a coral cactus plant

The coral cactus plant is a beautiful, potted plant variety, which can display a lot of versatility in beautifying outdoor landscapes as well a s indoor areas. Its coral reef like appearance is where its name originates from. Let us...

Tips to Take Care of Kimberly Queen Ferns

Tips to take care of Kimberly Queen ferns

Ferns have been a very popular and elegant part of many gardens for centuries. These plants are very versatile, as they can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The Kimberly Queen fern is an extremely attractive variety, that is...

19 Tips to Take Care of Maidenhair Ferns

Fact about maidenhair ferns

Ferns are one of the most primitive plants that have adapted them selves to changing environmental conditions. These tiny bunches of leaves, like that of the maidenhair fern, require a little more than average care on our part....

How to Take Care of a Hanging Chenille Plant

Chenille plant fact

Chenille plants are ideal for hanging baskets as they are hardy and attractive at the same time. Here is Buzzle's brief overview about growing the plant that is popular for its red, furry catkins.

How to Care for Norfolk Pine

Norfolk pine care tips

Native to the Norfolk Islands, Norfolk pine is an evergreen con iferous tree that has needle-like green foliage and symmetrical, cone-shaped growing habit. Buzzle provides some Norfolk pine care tips that you can follow to keep this...

Tips to Take Care of a Hoya Plant

Hoya plant care tips

Quite popular as houseplants due to their fragrant flowers and lustrous foliage, hoya plants are easy to care for. Buzzle lists out hoya plant care instructions, ranging from propagation methods to soil, water, and light...

Best House Plants

Best house plants

There is nothing like having luscious green plants at home, that soothe your senses, and make for an inviting ambiance. This post on best house plants, will fortify you with the required information.

Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight

Indoor plants that don't need sunlight

Plants can liven up any space, be it your home or office, and their presence is known to even increase productivity of humans. But, if your house doesn't have access to much sunlight, fret not, you can opt for plants that don't...

Tall Indoor Plants

Tall indoor plants

Indoor plants bring some greenery and freshness in your house. Particularly, the tall variety of indoor plants can be used to beautify your home.

Tips to Take Care of a Desert Rose Plant

Fact about desert rose plant

A desert rose plant is one of the prettiest flower plants you'll ever see. Reason? Well, the bright flowers are reason enough I think! Plus, it's fairly easy to take care of a this plant.

Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Types of grow lights

Sunlight is one of the most essential elements required for plant growth. However, it is not possible to have abundant sunlight around the year. Also, there are places that receive little sunlight throughout the year. Even...

How to Care for a Frosty Fern Plant

Frosty fern plant care tips

The frosty fern plant is popular for its white-tipped leaves, which give it a frosted appearance. Are you searching for the reason why your frosty fern plants are dying or turning brown? B uzzle tells you all that you should know...

Tips to Care for Calathea Plant to Ensure Proper Growth

Tips to care for Calathea plant

Houseplants can not only brighten a space but also purify the air. The genus Calathea comprises countless species that come with bright green, violet-suffused leaves that have vividly-contrasting ribs and veins. Buzzle describes...

Information About Hoya Plant Varieties

Fact about Hoya plant varieties

A genus of 200-300 species, hoya was earlier placed in the milkweed family. According to current taxonomy, t his genus is placed under the dogbane family. There are several varieties that produce beautiful, vibrant-colored flowers....

Tips to Take Care of Chinese Evergreens

Chinese evergreens care tip

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, Chinese evergreens are evergreen perennials that belong to the Aglaonema genus. Buzzle provides some useful aglaonema plant care tips, ranging from the light...

How to Take Care of Split-leaf Philodendron

Tip   s to care for a split-leaf philodendron

Planting this glossy big-leafed plant in your garden will impart a tropical rainforest feel to your home. We mention useful tips to grow and take care of a split-leaf philodendron.

How to Care for a Hen and Chicks Plant

Tip for caring for a hen and chicks plant

A hens and chicks plant requires little care, but still puts up a beautiful display. Buzzle will tell you how to grow and propagate this succulent plant.

How to Grow and Care for Dracaena Marginata

Fact about Dracaena marginata

Otherwise known as the 'Madagascar dragon tree', or 'red-edged dracaena', the Dracaena marginata is a popular houseplant that is easy to grow. Here are a few tips about growing this hardy plant.

How to Take Care of a Purple Passion Plant

Tip to care of a purple passion plant

The purple passion plant is famed for its hairy, purple foliage. Taking care of this plant is relatively easy, as Buzzle reveals. It tells you how to grow and take care of a purple passion plant.

10 Sleep-Inducing House Plants To Keep In The Bedroom

Sleep-inducing houseplants

Who doesn't like to sleep? In the subway crowded with people, waiting in the departure lounge at the airport, during a boring lecture or break time, or when there is nothing much to do, the only thing that many of us would ideally...

How to Grow and Care for the String of Pearls Plant

String of Pearls plant care tips

The String of Pearls plant is named after its small, round leaves, that resemble a string of pearls or beads. Buzzle provides instructions on the right way to grow and care for the String of Pearls plant.

Is the Croton Plant Poisonous to Cats?

Contact with croton plant toxic to cats

Fancying getting a croton houseplant? Think before you leap. If you have a cat at home who loves venturing and exploring new things, you need to be careful. This article tells whether the croton plant is cat-friendly or not, and...

Tips to Care for Swedish Ivy House Plants

Tip to care for Swedish Ivy house plants

Thinking about growing houseplants lately? Then you have one to suit yourself the best. Swedish ivy, the name is not only intriguing, but the whole experience of growing it is enticing. Through this Buzzle article, you may find...

How to Grow and Care for Oxalis Plants

Tip to grow Oxalis plants

If you have been waiting for long to have your garden filled with colors all round the year, perhaps your wait is over! Oxalis (or shamrock) is a must-have for those who want to have colorful flowerbeds even in winter. This Buzzle...

Houseplant Identification

Houseplants help keep the air in your house clean along with increasing the beauty of the interiors. Read on to know how to identify a few common houseplants.

Types of House Plants

Decorating with plants is a great way to add liveliness to your home. Here are different types of house plants to consider.

Best Plants For Window Boxes

Does the very thought of growing colorful flowering plants delight you? If yes, then the idea of a window box is sure to appeal to you. Read on to know how to choose plants for your window box, which are the plants for window boxes...

Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous?

The Christmas cactus is a beautiful flowering plant t hat comes in various vibrant colors. But, there are a few things you must know before you decide to get the plant in your house or your garden, especially if you have pets and...

Corn Houseplant Propagation by Cane Cuttings

In order to propagate a corn plant from stem cuttings, you require a matured cane, sharp knife, and potting supplies. Detailed instructions for collecting the cane cuttings, rooting them, and transplanting the new corn plants are...

How to Care for Office Plants

You'd be surprised to know that one of the harshest living environment for a plant, along with the desert and the extreme cold is your average office. Caring for your office plant involves standard plant care steps (watering) and...

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus lights up the face of anyone who beholds it. It is a very pretty gift too; but, you must know how to take proper care of this delicate cactus. Here are a few tips.

How to Braid a Money Tree

Braided money plants look splendid and greatly compliments almost all home decor. You can learn how to braid a money tree yourself, instead of buying pre-braided and pricey plants...

Non-flowering House Plants

If you think there are less choices for non-flowering house plants, consider again. There are several options of foliage plants, which will surely liven up your room. The list includes, sansevieria, ficus, pothos, dracaena and...

Peperomia Care

Peperomia is the perfect house plant as it possesses an ornamental essence to deliver. Their variegated foliage is indeed, a visual treat. Peperomia care reg imen respects your time but requires attention. Reading about this plant...

Best Indoor Plants

Some of the best indoor plants include those which grow well in low light, warm temperature conditions, and are easy to be taken care of. The list of houseplants includes philodendrons, ferns, poinsettias, mother-in-law's tongue,...

Prayer Plant

Beautifully patterned leaves are one of the distinguishing features of the prayer plant. Let us take a look at tips that will help you care for the plant.

Tropical Houseplants Care Tips

Tropical houseplants are easy to take care of and maintain. This article lists some popular varieties of tropical houseplants and their care tips.

Indoor Plant Lights

Indoor plant lights are meant to help the plants grow as well as to illuminate and highlight them.

Large Indoor Plants

Plants give a distinct natural appea l to any place, especially so when grown indoors. The information presented in the following article would definitely help you in growing large indoor plants at home.

Succulent House Plants

Succulent house plants are the best suited for indoor growing as they require low maintenance and care. Read this article to know more about their types and other specifications.

Ivy Plant Care

Ivy, with its unusually shaped leaves that trail down beautifully, is a perfect plant to grow in hanging baskets, and even in tall cylindrical pots. This ar ticle will discuss some tips about ivy plant care.

Flowering House Plants

Do you want to bring in the beauty and fragrance of flowering plants into your house? In this article, we give you an overview of some plants that will suit your needs.

Corn Plant Care

Categorized as a hardy houseplant variety, a corn plant requires minimal effort and easy gardening tips. Here are some tips on caring for a corn plant.

English Ivy Plant

For gardeners, the English ivy plant is an ideal houseplant, whereas for other people, it is a noxious vine that spreads quickly. If you are interested in planting English ivy, read this article to understand the basic tips of...

Ponytail Plant Information

The ponytail plant derived its name from its cascading leaves. Go through the article to know more about this popular houseplant.

Information about Staghorn Fern

An amazing plant with antler-shaped fronds, the staghorn fern can be grown easily. Go through this article for a brief overview about the plant.

How to Take Care of a Cordyline Plant

One of the most interesting features of a cordyline plant is that it is more popular for its bright and colorful foliage than its flowers. Read this article to gather more information about this plant.

Dieffenbachia Care

Dieffenbachia, a member of the arum family, is a popular indoor plant that can be grown quite easily, as compared to other houseplants. Find out more about this beautiful plant, and how to care for it, in this Buzzle article.

Goldfish Plant

The goldfish plant truly lives up to its name, by flaunting its vibrant orange flowers which radiate from the plant's glossy green foliage. Know more about this beautiful plant and how to give it the utmost care and attention from...

Snake Plant

A native to the tropical regions of West Africa, the snake plant is considered as one of the toughest houseplants. Let's get to know about the different features it exhibits and the req uirements for its healthy growth.

Dracaena Care

It is a great idea to spice up the interiors of your home using some houseplants. The dracaenas are the best plants to spruce up your home. They are used throughout the world in malls, apartments, and offices, too, besides homes,...

Facts about Golden Pothos

One of the commonly found houseplants, golden pothos is very easy to grow. When grown indoors, this plant is believed to act as an air purifier.

Poisonous Houseplants

Houseplants are great for giving a natural ambiance to our homes. But some varieties may prove fatal. This Buzzle article tells you more on some common toxic houseplants.

How to Care for an English Ivy

Proper care is important in order to ensure the rapid growth of the plant, while sustaining it for a long time to come. Read this article to get some important instructions on how to care for an English Ivy plant.

African Violet Propagation

The following article will take you through the steps of the ways in which African Violet propagation can be carried out and how best to achieve it. Continue reading for more details.

Ponytail Palm

Maintaining a ponytail palm plant is easy as it grows well in warm and dry conditions with moderate fertility. The following section gives more information about this plant and its care.

Succulent Care

Most succulent plants are native to the dry, hot desert regions, hence t hey thrive even with minimum attention. Basic care instructions revolve around providing adequate water and nutrients during active growth period. This article...

Indoor Office Plants

A nice way to fancy up your office is to add some indoor plants in it. Read this article to know which are some of the best ones.

African Violet Care

Popular as houseplants, African violets thrive well indoors, and bloom throughout the year. Here are some tips to take care of this plant.

Boston Fern

Boston fern is a popular variety of fern that you may see decorating the balconies of several houses. If you, too, want to beautify your home by planting this variety of fern, then this article will tell you everything that you...

Dracaena Plant

Dracaena is a genus of plants, that are commonly grown as houseplants. Go through this article for a brief overview about these plants.

Pothos Plant

The pothos plant is highly adaptable, and growing this plant is perfect for a newbie in the world of gardening. Here, we tell you how to care for this low-maintenance plant.

Indoor Plant Care

Growing indoor plants requires some extra efforts, but it is not such a difficult task as assumed by many. Moreover, these plants can be a beautiful addition to any house.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Arboricola) Care

Dwarf umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola) is an attractive houseplant, popular for its adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions. Some of the basic tips for growing this evergreen shrub are correct propagation, potting...

Indoor Plants that Clean Air

Choosing some great indoor plants that clean air is one of the most sensible decisions one can make for home improvements.

Houseplant Bugs

Houseplant bug s are seen to infest indoor plants, thereby causing them to wilt and shed their leaves prematurely. Let's take a look at some common houseplant bugs in the following article.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only add beauty to our living rooms, but also act as destressing agents. They also have many more benefits.

Zebra Plant Information

Native to the forests of Brazil, 'Aphelandra squarrosa' is commonly known as zebra plant, which is widely grown for ornamental purposes. Here is a brief overview about this plant.

In door Tropical Plants Care

I have a beautiful rose plant in my balcony. The beautiful roses of the plant really cheer me up. One can either keep a fresh green plant in the house or a small flowering plant. Taking care of indoor tropical plants is easy and...

Tips for Planting Potatoes

Gardeners who are trying their hand at growing potatoes at home can take a look at these tips for the same. This guide contains useful ideas that can be used by beginners.

Asparagus Densiflorus (Sprengeri)

Asparagus densiflorus is commonly known as the 'sprengeri fern' because of its fern-like structure. It is basically an indoor foliage plant, with important landscaping value in modern architecture.

Tips to Grow Potted Plants

There are many factors you need to consider when you wish to grow plants in the pots. Here are a few tips that would help you to grow healthy potted plants.

Tropical Houseplants Growing Tips

Most house plants that are used for decorating the interiors of homes are tropical. Here are a few tips on how to take care and grow these special plants.

Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats

For a cat owner, growing indoor plants that are safe for cats is the top priority while planning for a green environment. While catnip and cat grasses are preferred, you can also grow other non-toxic indoor plants.

Umbrella Plant Care

The umbrella plant is one of the most common houseplant you will find that is quite easy to maintain. Taking the following measures will ensure that your plant continues to liven up your home.

Cyclamen Plant Care

The cyclamen plant is a beautiful flowering houseplant and has minimal care requirements. It is an ideal plant to start off a gardening hobby with. Here we discuss its minimal care requirements so you can see its beauty in full...

Money Plant Care Instructions

If you are a beginner with a newfound interest in gardening, then money plant could be an ideal plant to start with. It demands very little care and can easily thrive indoors as well as outdoors.

Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants like spider plant, wandering jew, Boston fern, purple passion vine, and begonia add a scenic beauty to every room. You can easily maintain these hanging houseplants with basic gardening tips. Ponder on to know...

Propagation of Succulent Plants

Succulents have always been considered as a gardener's delight on account of their various propagation options. Here are some helpful guidelines to increase succulent population in y our garden.

Purslane Plant

Many people often wonder if purslane is a weed or an edible plant. Although an invasive weed, it often finds its way into salads and other recipes. Let us take a look at the care that is necessary for this plant in the following...

Agave Plant

What is an agave plant? How many types of agaves are there? How do you care for one? Read right ahead to find out the answers to all these questions and much more!

Wandering Jew Plant

If you have not seen a wandering Jew plant, then you have missed out on something. Read this article to know some interesting facts about this plant.

Oleander Tree

Oleander tree is a very attractive plant, that is very easy to grow, and take care of. If looked after properly, it grows up to be a hedge or a small tree. Read this informative Buzzle article to know all about it.

Agave Plant Care

< br>Agaves are tough desert plants that can be successfully grown as houseplants. Here are some tips for growing agaves.

Ming Aralia Care

Similar to other foliage houseplants, ming aralia requires specific soil type and basic growing conditions for healthy growth. General ming aralia care tips include correct soil preparation and providing optimal light intensity,...

Aphids on Houseplants

Aphids on houseplants can be a nagging problem for plant lovers. Learn more about these pests and ways to get rid of them.

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