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Gallery: E3 2017 brought theme parks, statues, and New Donk City

Gallery: E3 2017 brought theme parks, statues, and New Donk City | Ars Technica

reader comments0Share this storyBefore its press conference, Bethesda let attendees wander a miniature theme park devoted to its games.Sam MachkovechIt's not a real theme park unless there's cotton candy and Ferris wheelSam MachkovechZap it!Sam MachkovechNo cigarettes?Sam MachkovechEven demons are cute in balloon animal form.Sam MachkovechThis is not a shot from the Tokyo Game Show, but from Sega's crowded Yakuza-themed booth.Kyle OrlandThis is as close as I could get to PlayLink, a system for controlling the PS4 via smartphone that was only being shown to European press.Kyle OrlandThis man has the answer to the most popular question at this year's E3, which was open to public attendees for the first time.Kyle OrlandIt's like being inside that slick E3 trailer!Kyle OrlandHey, Freakers! Read the sign!Kyle OrlandBullet Mario is coming for you.Kyle OrlandI don't often see people playing Switch on park benches outside of Nintendo's E3 booth.Kyle OrlandWe didn't see the Mario-tank in our hands-on demo, so we hope the final game can back up this statue.Kyle OrlandThe hat's eyes seem to follow you wherever you go.Kyle OrlandChain Chomp-io!Kyle Orland'Cause everyone's your friend/In New Donk CityKyle OrlandThis E3 scene looks like a Nintendo Switch commercial come to lifeKyle OrlandIt's sure to be *the* event of this year's social season.Kyle OrlandOne of these things is not like the others...Kyle OrlandMeet me at the Crazy Sprinkler System Denton Cap store. No, not that one, the one on Cranky Avenue. Yeah, I'll see ya there.Kyle OrlandI feel like I'm getting mixed messages from this sign...Kyle OrlandNotice anything missing from this common VR scene? Yup, it's the wires.Kyle OrlandAn unsettling not ice on the wall of a Wolfenstein alternate-history-themed diner at the Bethesda boothKyle OrlandAtari 2600 games mad an appearance at E3 2017 via Hyperkin's Retron 77 throwback console.Kyle OrlandWhen mild mannered Mark Markovich puts on his electo-powered black and blue suit, he becomes the world's most enigmatic super hero: Question Mark!Kyle OrlandI am dragon, hear me roar.Kyle OrlandIn the Ubisoft booth, they were showing off these darling Mario x Rabbids figures.Kyle OrlandThe real Peach would never make such a brazen selfie pose.Kyle OrlandUltron Sigma holds court over the competitors at the massive Marvel vs Capcom Infinite booth.Kyle OrlandDonkey Kong has been taking a lot of performance enhancing drugs, and it shows.Kyle OrlandGood dog...Kyle Orland

LOS ANGELES--The Electronic Entertainment Expo isn't just about new game announcements and a chance to try out early demos of upcoming titles. It's also a chance for the game industry to make a spectacle of itself; to thr ow Sprinkler System Denton together elaborate booths and promotional events that will leave images to stick with attendees all the way until the next E3.

This was truer than ever at this year's show, the first to officially allow members of the public into the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3. Bethesda created an entire miniature Bethesdaland theme park for its press conference attendees, complete with demonic balloon figures and a Ferris wheel. Nintendo transformed its booth space into New Don k City, with painted city walls and statues of enemies overtaken with Mario's trademark hat and mustache. Other booths featured giant dragons, life-sized helicopters, and even some stray Atari 2600 cartridges 40 or so years after their heyday.

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For those who couldn't make it to LA this year, enjoy the above gallery capturing some of our favorite sights from E3 2017.

Listing image by Kyle Orland

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